- Healthy and Tasty Tea

You are what you eat

We all should eat healthier, but the abundance of delicious foods makes it difficult to do so. Fortunately, drinking healthy tea is an easy way to achieve a healthy and balanced diet, and to prevent or fight illnesses. Various teas can be matched with different foods; just like wine, there are teas better suited for red meats, seafood, or dessert. Tea can also simply be a refreshment. Our tea allows you to absorb many healthy ingredients in a natural way. 

Natural and Healthy

Teas are like herbs, they bring beneficial effects to our health. To treat a sore throat, we may take the monk fruit tea. To soothe tired and strained eyes, we may take the goji berry tea. These teas, being composed of a single ingredient, are all simple. However, Chinese herbalists and noticed that their recipes elevate and further the health benefits of tea. Together with the medical research conducted in different universities, it has been proven that certain tea, herbs, fruits, and flowers can bring huge benefits to our health. All Canasaga teas are all natural and without any artificial additive. Many of them are either wild grown or organic too.

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