- Healthy and Tasty Tea


Traditional tea such as earl grey, puh-er, jasmine, and matcha have a high level of anti-angiogenic potency to prevent and fight cancer and obesity. There are Chinese herbs that are also good for fighting illness, such as liquorice, ginseng, and cinnamon. Fruits and flowers, such as chrysanthemum, goji berry and black goji berry, are also used to soothe some syndromes. Interestingly, recent scientific experiments have shown that a mix of these ingredients will give increase their efficiency in enabling health due to the creation of synergy. 

Unique Recipes

At CanaSaga, we use unique recipes to make our special tea. We have experimented with various recipes to provide a special mix that offers the best taste and results simultaneously. We have dedicated recipes for different types of illness (cancer, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, obesity, etc) and different tastes. We even have a cold-brew tea to preserve the high levels of vitamin C or the anthocyanins naturally present in tea. We pick the tea leaves, herbs, dried fruits, and flowers that yield the highest level of antiangiogenic potency (good for cancer and obesity), anthocyanins, (antioxidants) and nutrients (such as trace minerals and vitamins), and combine these ingredients according to traditional Chinese herbal formulas and current scientific research to maximize synergy and give the best results.

More healthy tea coming soon!

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