- Healthy and Tasty Tea
Tea Picking

Wild Grown

Our goal is to provide people with convenient, healthy, and tasty drinks, at reasonable prices, that may prevent, soothe or even cure illnesses. Most of them can be cold brewed or hot brewed, but some are only for cold-brew. Our first stage is selling raw leaves which are bought from the third party. The second stage will the manufacture of tea bags for easy handling and the third stage will be canned or bottled tea to further on-the-go convenience.

For the tea type, we prefer to have wild grown tea as wild grown plants have the highest nutrient level and are much better than organic ones. Although it is very difficult to have all tea leaves to be wild grown, we have a plan to set up a farm so that we can wildly grow some "tea trees". All the plants we planned to grow are perennials so that we don't have to kill any life but just take away their leaves or fruit.  

More healthy tea coming soon!

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