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We work with Canadian manufacturers to develop unique and superior products that offered better value to consumers in Canada and in the world under our brand name Canasaga®.  Our products include health food, vitamins, tea, maple syrup, cookies, chocolate, ginseng, watches and fashion accessories.

Connecting businesses in different countries and building long term relationships with the them are real challenges.  Language, cultural, geographic and time zone barriers complicate the problems that surround doing business internationally.  Even when they are in Canada and speak the same language as you, it is a tough job to promote your service or product to the right people.  Canasaga can solve all these problems for you. 

We promote Canadian businesses and products locally and internationally through our networks.  We assist Canadian companies to increase and diversify their local and export sales through local and foreign business relationships, partnerships and joint-ventures.  Our overseas partners are mainly in China, with extended arms in Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

We specialize in fast moving consumer goods, restaurants and retail stores.   We are committed to assisting Canadian firms in realizing their export and franchising potentials by providing expert counselling and advice, information on markets abroad, international contacts, and advocacy services.

CanaSaga® offers unparalleled growth opportunities to manufacturers and businesses in Canada.  For more information on how we can help your company with our export strategies, please visit our Services and Products pages.






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